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Oriental launches ‘New Beginnings’ Christmas campaign

Oriental bank this week launched its Christmas season campaign titled “Nuevos comienzos (“New Beginnings”), with an investment of more than $500,000. The campaign will run in traditional media with television and radio ads, as well as in digital media.

“For many people, this season is a source of inspiration to start that dream they have always had. This ad recognizes this, and we hope it’s inspiring to those who are still defining that new beginning. Being more than ready is in ourselves, achieving it too, because it’s possible if we put our mind to it,” said Idalis Montalvo, director of Marketing and Public Relations at Oriental.

The campaign features two Oriental employees and Puerto Rican singer Brigitte Dávila, also known as “Bri La Pelúa.” Their participation is based on experiences from their childhood during the holiday season that inspired them to embark on new paths.

The first employee, motivated by a gift of a bicycle, became an elite cycling athlete, representing Puerto Rico in national and international competitions. The second employee, inspired by a childhood gift, founded his own artisan pizza business for private events. Finally, Bri La Pelúa dreamed of being an artist since childhood and has achieved that dream through songwriting, singing and playing several instruments.

Montalvo said these three examples are “living testimonies of how perseverance can lead people to achieve their goals.”

Oriental’s new campaign focuses on using the Christmas season to start new adventures and aims to inspire people to “pursue their dreams with determination and always be more than ready.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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