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P.R. Treasury Dept. grants payment moratorium to furloughed federal employees

The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has granted a moratorium on payment plans to U.S. government employees affected by the partial shutdown that is now the longest in history.

Treasury Secretary Teresita
Fuentes said as a result of the partial shutdown in effect since Dec. 22, 2018,
employees that have gone without pay are being given a moratorium from January
to March on any payment plan signed by those employees with the agency.

She anticipated that “hundreds of
taxpayers will benefit from this moratorium.”

Fuentes explained that federal government
employees who receive a notification related to the imposition of fines,
interest and penalties — or if Treasury requires a payment due to
non-compliance with the terms of the payment plan — they should go to a Taxpayer
Service Center to have them eliminated.

If Treasury has automatically
debited a payment, they will be credited to the amounts still owed or will be
reimbursed, in case the taxpayer no longer owes the agency. Taxpayers may
request that automatic debits be deferred.

Fuentes said the moratorium period
could be extended if this government closure continues.

“According to our agency’s
strategic plan, we must ensure the dignity of our clients, the taxpayers. With
this moratorium we show empathy for these people who have been affected by
situations beyond their reach,” she concluded.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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