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P.R. Vocational Rehab Admin. invests $6M in case management technology

The Puerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation Administration has made a nearly $6 million technology investment to comply with federal regulations and streamline processes, through a platform known as entellitrak, powered by Virginia-based Micropact.

The platform will comply with the requirements of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and will streamline the handling of data and the delivery of services to more than 55,000 recipients, the stateside company said.

The local government agency administers federal and state funds aimed at offering vocational rehabilitation services for people with eligible disabilities. The new platform will enable Vocational Rehabilitation Administration representatives to develop new strategies to provide services such as assessment, counseling, training, job placement assistance, among others.

By automating paper-based processes and supporting a full range of required federal reports, the platform will free counselors and other staff members from many time-consuming administration tasks. They can then focus on providing the guidance and services recipients need to achieve their vocational goals.

“With this investment, what we’re looking for is to provide a quality service, facilitating the handling of the data, and the process of providing services through the computerized system that the federal government demands from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act,” said Vocational Rehabilitation Administration Chief Madeline Hernández-Dipiní.

This is the second major vocational rehabilitation win for MicroPact in recent weeks. A consortium of MicroPact Global Alliance partners will be providing a case management solution to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment agency, including 2,500 entellitrak licenses.

“We are thrilled to see agencies getting the benefits of case management for their vocational rehab programs,” said Stephanie Kuhnel, vice president of the health, human services, and benefits portfolio from MicroPact.

“By automating their case management processes, the Puerto Rico ARV will be helping thousands of disabled individuals throughout Puerto Rico improve their opportunities in the workplace. It is great to be able to leverage our vocational rehabilitation experience in this way,” Kuhnel said.

The Puerto Rico project will be completed in two phases: one of development and the other of implementation.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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