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Parallel18 launches Talent App for freelancers, students, and professionals

As part of its efforts to promote economic and technological development and employment on the island, parallel18 is launching the Talent App, a tool for students, freelancers and professionals to submit their information and upload their resume to a talent database that will be available to more than 300 companies that belong to the accelerator programs.

The Talent App will be available for freelancers, students and professionals in general that are interested in working with local and international startups. The call is open for professionals in finances, communications, marketing, engineering, computer programming, graphic design, accounting, and others.

Parallel18 is currently running the ninth generation of its international acceleration program P18 with 36 ideas from nine different countries, including Puerto Rico. This cohort is the first generation led by 57% of Puerto Rican startups.

During the pandemic, many of the job openings have adopted a virtual format, which has significantly increased the opportunities for working with international companies. Moreover, startups focused on technology and health have been increasing in the market, parallel18 executives said.

“​​We’re excited and ready to receive a diverse talent pool through the app and we encourage students to be part of this database and take advantage of this initiative,” said Sebastián Vidal, Chief Innovation Officer at the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, parallel18’s parent entity.

“The employment opportunities that are generated from the startups that participate in our program will allow many students to gain experience in a flexible and high-performance work environment,” he said.

“We have many startups that have participated in our program that have grown and now generate millions in profits. So, the talent that each company will hire would be in an environment of professional growth and success,” Vidal said.

The talent pool is open for full-time, part-time and internship experiences and the form allows the job seeker to identify their areas of interest and expertise.

“The Talent App is an excellent tool for both sides: the potential employees and the startups seeking human resources with technical knowledge,”Science Trust CEO Lucy Crespo said.

“Our entrepreneurs can be mentors for students and recent graduates that are inserting themselves for the first time in their industry and the entrepreneurship environment. For the freelancers, it’s a golden opportunity for exporting their work internationally,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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