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Luca Center, PRSoft partner to offer software at discount

luca centerLuca Center and PRSoft have entered into a strategic alliance that provides a 20 percent discount on the 2014 and 2015 versions of software programs PRTax, PRCorp, PRPay, PropTax and PRivu to individuals who sign up for the $299 annual Luca Center membership by Sept. 30.

After September, the discount will be 15 percent. In addition, they will also receive the 2010-2013 versions of these popular tax software programs for free, PRSoft executives said.

Founded in February 2014 by CPA Edil Sánchez-González of the Carrión Nevárez LLC law firm and CPA José Torres, from Accounting Training Center, Luca Center is the first service of its kind in Puerto Rico to provide a one-stop online information, research, networking, support and consultation tool for CPAs and non-CPAs working in different accounting disciplines.

“With this new alliance, Luca Center members will have access to considerable discounts on programs from the leading tax software company in Puerto Rico for the past 20 years. This is a very important piece of the group of benefits Luca Center members receive,” said Sánchez-González, co-founder of Luca Center, who explained, “When you factor in the cost of the continuing education credits, discounts on PRSoft products and the free consultation time via public and technical forums, you’re talking about more than $2,000 in savings. In essence, the $299 annual membership pays for itself several times.”

Luca Center’s services include a virtual library, an information center, 12 free credits of continuing education, specialized orientations, and interactive forums that provide a platform for members to post questions on different accounting and tax matters, and receive feedback from other Luca Center members, collaborators and resident experts.

“At PRSoft we are really excited about this agreement as we’re always looking for ways to incorporate value-added services for our existing clients and attract new clients. We feel that Luca Center is a truly unique online service that doesn’t limit itself to listing laws and news, it actually explains their importance,” said Jennifer Bates, president and founder of San Juan-based PRSoft Inc., in business since 1993.

“For professionals to have a real-time online tool they can use to consult peers and experts on the spot is critical, especially during tax season when so many questions arise,” she added.

At present, PRSoft has six government-approved tax software products: PRTax, PRCorp, PropTax, PRPay, PRivu, and My PRTax and 20 employees, working in technical support, software development, quality assurance, sales, marketing, and management. PRSoft’s innovative products, technical support, training programs, and fully-integrated client services, provide the most accurate and efficient tools for preparing and filing individual and corporate tax returns and reports.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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