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Poltags designs smart bracelet for people with health or special needs

The Poltags digital identification platform will launch a new service, Poltags Care, which will benefit the community in general, but mainly people with health conditions or special needs, it announced.

From what it said is a “need in our population to be cared for, watched over and cared for by their relatives, the new service aimed at building a pro-active and compassionate community where people can support each other through a fast, easy, and accessible platform,” Poltags said.

In its beginnings, Poltags was only dedicated to creating “QR” codes for tags for pets and valuables. However, the company began to identify that it could also serve to report, spread, and receive notifications related to the disappearance of a family member, as well as facilitate communication in emergency situations. This is how Poltags Care was born.

“We’re all exposed to suffering some type of accident or health situation. Through Poltags, identifications, bracelets, key rings, among other items, can be created, which will have a unique code printed on them that will allow access to information such as: emergency contact phone number, blood type, medications, health conditions, etc., which will serve as a guide when receiving medical care or first aid. The code of the bracelet or article can be scanned through a smartphone,” said David Tirado, creator of the platform.

Currently, the service is being offered through a pilot program, as Tirado wants to be able to “adapt it to all kinds of needs,” he said. For this, organizations that serve people with conditions such as: autism, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s, among others, are encouraged to participate. The project will start today.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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