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Popular bets on P.R. in new institutional campaign

Popular Inc. CEO Richard Carrión offers details of the new “100 x whatever we want” campaign.

Under the slogan of “100 x whatever we want,” Banco Popular is launching a new advertising campaign that seeks to inspire Puerto Rico residents to think differently — to see the island with new eyes and break new ground.

“I have always believed in the capacity we have as a people to achieve great things when we set out to do it,” said Popular Inc. CEO Richard Carrión during a morning news conference Wednesday.

“I wanted this campaign to focus on people making a difference. Its protagonists have identified new opportunities to do what they are passionate about and make their dreams come true, creating success stories,” he said.

The campaign features a cross-section of businesses and individuals from different parts of the island who have been successful in what they love. The list of participants includes: El Churry, Bozzanova Boutique, Café Oro, CDI Laboratories, Chango Nutre, Danosa, Gramaslindas, Graphic Printing, Marylin Rosa Tirado, Natasha Sagardía, Señor Paleta, Toledo & Co., Toro Verde, Vieques Air Link and William Cepeda.

“We are looking for a representation of those individuals and companies that have managed to reinvent themselves and grow in the midst of a difficult economy,” said Denise Draper, first vice president of Popular’s Marketing & Customer Knowledge division.

“They are proof that 100 x 35 is only a measurement and not a mentality. They think differently and inspire us to do the same, to see our island with new eyes to make way for what we want to achieve,” she said.

Advertising agency JWT and its creative director, Jaime Rosado, were responsible for the creative concept of the campaign. Zapatero Films and its director Kacho López were in charge of the production of the TV commercial. The music was composed by Eduardo Cabra, and Alejandro Márquez performed the voice over work.

The advertising effort will include TV, radio and social media executions. In addition, it will be present in press and billboards.

“For the past 124 years, we have worked hand in hand with people, committed to their progress and to Puerto Rico’s,” Carrión said.

“During that time, there have been ups and downs, but like other businesses, we have successfully overcome them to continue contributing to the progress of our island,” he said.

“That’s why I’m convinced that our island has the best resources, capable of thinking differently, to be 100 x whatever we want. This campaign is about that, to reinvent ourselves, to believe in ourselves and to continue working for a better Puerto Rico,” Carrión concluded.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. SN April 5, 2017

    Dear Article Writer, just a HINT. For future articles please refrain to change a company’s name just because you want to translate it for an article. It is not correct to name Popular bank when the company name is Banco Popular. For example: you don’t refer to Federal Express as Expreso Federal.

    1. Michelle Kantrow April 5, 2017

      You are absolutely right. It was definitely an editing error, as we never translate proper names. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for your support! MK


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