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Popular, Ironhack to launch software engineering program

The 12-week bootcamp will begin with Salesforce basics, teaching navigation, reporting and management within the platform.

Popular and Ironhack have announced that they will partner for the second consecutive year to create development opportunities for professionals in the technology sector. The focus is on an accelerated Salesforce program for participants.

Targeting recent graduates in computer science, software engineering or programming who are bilingual and based in South Florida or Puerto Rico, the initiative provides competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, a training program with Ironhack, and ongoing personal and professional development opportunities.

The application process is now open for this initiative, which recruits individuals with a programming background. Successful completion prepares them for certification as Salesforce developers, specialists in a platform that revolutionizes business customer, marketing and sales management. Salesforce developers work with cutting-edge cloud solution technology and have various professional growth avenues.

The 12-week bootcamp will begin with an introduction to Salesforce, covering platform navigation, reporting and dashboards management. Advanced modules will teach development, building and custom solution deployment within Salesforce. In the final three weeks, candidates will undertake a project to apply their learned skills.

“As an institution in constant evolution, at Popular, we strive to adapt to the changing demands of our customers and employees. That is why we greatly value creativity and the desire to develop new skills necessary to thrive in today’s workplace,” said Mariemi Sierra, division manager at Popular Inc.

“We not only seek to attract the best talent, but we also commit to providing them with the tools and support necessary to foster continuous growth once they join our community. This program is fundamental to us and adds to a series of initiatives designed to strengthen our human capital,” she added.

Participants selected for this program will be hired as software engineering associates at Popular, receiving competitive pay, benefits, a flexible hybrid work model and ongoing education. Popular will cover the full cost of the Salesforce training. After completing the program, candidates will have job permanence at the institution.

“At Ironhack, we’re thrilled to continue collaborating with Banco Popular, a leader in redefining talent, cultivation and organizational growth for the future. Our partnership reflects a shared commitment to placing people — employees, community and customers — at the center of everything we do,” said Ariel Quiñones, co-CEO of Ironhack.

“Last year, through our joint initiative, we successfully selected, trained and deployed 10 software engineer associates, carefully selected from hundreds of applicants,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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