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Porsche forum: Puerto Rico on track to become ‘smart, sustainable’ island

During the most recent Porsche NEXT: Digital Innovation Forum, panelists concluded that Puerto Rico is “on the right track” to becoming a smart island that integrates renewable energy, sustainable architecture, electric vehicles, and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

To fully achieve this objective, Puerto Rico must have a smart electrification network, have greater access to internet with 5G speed and deliver the right message to the right people to carry out this transformation that has been gaining momentum in recent years.

“Making way for smart electrification will contribute significantly to climate change, sustainability and even the consumer’s pocket,” said Ignacio Díaz, director of marketing for Glenn International Inc.

A panel held during the virtual event sought to educate the public interested on cutting-edge digital issues and sustainability and disclose the most recent advances in technology.

“This smart electrification network has not yet been established, but it is already on the way,” Díaz said.

Puerto Rico will benefit from this network when it has greater access to 5G speed internet, said José Rodríguez, CEO of Sigfox Puerto Rico, and also a panelist.

“Sigfox Puerto Rico is already working to create additional redundancy on the island, this to bring fiber optics through different key points, and not only from the north, which is the current situation,” he said.

The smart electrification network must be supported by a sustainable architecture that replaces the concrete of current buildings and that contributes to the transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric and hybrid ones.

“The rehabilitation of abandoned buildings and spaces is important, and the mobilization towards electric vehicles, in addition to the creation and promotion of urban and walkable spaces,” said David Soto, urban designer for Plusurbia Design, who was also in on the discussion.

The panelists agreed that for all these changes to be carried out successfully, the commitment of the entire society is necessary.

“The important thing for Puerto Rico to move toward being a smart island is to get the right message to the right people,” said Roberto Ponce, managing partner of Smart Living Projects.

Regarding electric vehicles, several benefits were defined that will greatly contribute not just to the environment but also to the consumer’s pocket.

For example, these types of vehicles do not emit sound, they do not release CO2 into the atmosphere and the maintenance is much cheaper, compared to a motor vehicle that uses fuel.

“Since 2014 Porsche has reduced CO2 emissions per car more than 75%, reducing energy by 30 percent per vehicle produced, 20% water use per vehicle and 33% solvent use,” said Kevin Goldvarg, electrical performance manager for Porsche Latin America.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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