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PR Blockchain Trade Assoc., PR 5G Zone collaborate on education

To continue educating about web 3, blockchain technology and crypto currencies, the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA), is announcing a collaborative agreement with the Puerto Rico 5G Zone + Blockchain Ignition Lab (PR5GZ) to jointly promote a wise deployment of and advanced capability network and testbed lab portals facilitated by PR5GZ.

“Since we began CryptoCurious last October, we have been able to reach more than 1,500 individuals through in presence and online events highlighting fundamental concepts about the beginnings of blockchain and cryptocurrency, expanding into new concepts to keep the Crypto communities in Puerto Rico at the forefront of web 3,” said Keiko Yoshino, executive director for the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association.

“Through this joint effort we hope to continue in our mission to educate and help entrepreneurs, the general public and members of the Association to stay ahead of the game of the emerging wave of revolution to the economy,” she added.

PR5GZ will help attract telecommunications and blockchain related project research opportunities from various sources including the federal government, and strategic national partners to utilize labs in Puerto Rico, build support for Puerto Rico as a research hub, and will seek and receive guidance from the Blockchain Association.

“We envision partnerships with government, industry, and the academia to better understand the opportunities this enabling technology represents,” said Gail Nolan, CEO of PR5GZ.

“The lab would be a place where innovation, development, testing and evaluation can be implemented. Without a secure 5G Network and lab environment both IP and National Security is at stake,” Nolan said.

“This alliance with PRBTA can help in supporting the collective Puerto Rico innovation network capabilities to potential users by educating and guiding them,” Nolan added.

The PR5G Zone + Blockchain Ignition Lab was established in partnership with ‘Labs Across America’ linking four geographically diverse labs with a DoD research center in Hawaii. Other connected lab locations include Texas A&M University High Performance Computing Center and The Indiana 5G Zone. 

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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