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Private Sector Coalition blasts corruption, demands ‘corrective action’

Business leaders from the Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition condemned the arrests of former government officials and collaborators and requested an immediate corrective plan action.

For Coalition members, the fact that it is not the first time that a government in power is the subject of corruption accusations, makes it more pressing to take different actions to change the vicious cycle that occurs every four years.

“Corruption is not a political partisan issue, so it requires a multi-sectoral effort to be eradicated,” the group said collectively in a statement.
The leaders agreed it is imperative “that a holistic plan that achieves eradicating the evil of corruption in our society is implemented. Management systems work in prevention, education and training in both the private and public sectors so that there is transparency in government processes and recruitment.”

The statement signed by Francisco Montalvo, coordinator of the Private Sector Coalition that groups some 30 local trade groups, urges the start of more participatory processes of government with the private sector and civil society, to seek effective solutions to the shortcomings of the current anti-corruption system.

“All of these control systems against corruption are not working, so it is urgent to review and modify them. You have to give way to investigation, to find out where it is failing, because it is the economic development and quality of life of the people that are directly affected,” the group said.

Furthermore, the group said the acts adversely affect the perception to the world of Puerto Rico’s ability to manage public funds efficiently and with the transparency required by law and morality.

“There is an urgent need to put processes in place that ensure transparency in all procedures of awarding and monitoring contracts in government, both state and municipal agencies and the legislative and judicial branch levels,” the group said.

“The Private Sector Coalition is available to assist in any effort that results in effective measures to contribute to eradicate the evil of corruption in our society,” according to the statement.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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