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Products Association, gov’t. giving local goods a boost

Puerto Rico Products Association President Manuel Cidre

The Puerto Rico Products Association and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce have partnered to promote and strengthen the consumption of locally produced goods and services, as a strategy for economic development and growth.

As part of the joint strategy, the trade group and the government will develop trainings for established entrepreneurs and those who want to start their business. They will also develop a media campaign that will emphasize on the domino effect sparked by the support of locally produced goods and services.

“The importance in propelling local consumption is the multiplier effect of directly stimulating the economy, resulting in the strengthening of native industry, development of new businesses and more jobs, contributing to build the strong sustainable economy and that we all deserve,” Economic Development Secretary José Pérez-Riera said during a news conference Thursday to unveil the public-private plan.

The promotional campaign will integrate the familiar “Made in Puerto Rico” and the “Puerto Rico does it Better” brands to identify local products.

“What the ‘Made in Puerto Rico’ brand does is identify the goods or service’s place of origin while ‘Puerto Rico does it Better’ ensures the quality of these products and services made in Puerto Rico,” Puerto Rico Products Association President Manuel Cidre said.

“Just as the ‘Made in Puerto Rico Brand’ has transcended generations, we must also give continuity to the ‘Puerto Rico does it Better’ brand so it can represent all of Puerto Rico’s virtues both on our island, as well as to the rest of the world in all its facets, whether in the area of services, tourism, commerce, industry, cinema, and everything that differentiates and elevates us as Puerto Ricans,” he said.

The trade group also announced the agenda for its “Made in Puerto Rico” fair, now in its third edition, slated for Dec. 8-9. The fair that gathers producers of local goods and services will serve as a starting point for the development of what he called an “islandwide movement.”

The strategy pursues making the growth and strengthening of the Puerto Rican economy possible, by linking citizens with the products and services offered on the island.

“The need has arisen to orchestrate a new awakening, a new way of making possible the growth and strengthening of our economy,” he said. “To achieve this, it is necessary to harmonize and synchronize an effort to integrate all industries and services offered here.”

To make that happen, the organization will “highlight the unsurpassed quality of what is produced here and the direct and indirect impact it has on our economy,” he said.

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Author Details
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