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Puerto Rican app BookSloth launches online clubs for readers worldwide

BookSloth, a mobile app created in Puerto Rico to connect young adult readers worldwide to share their love for books, has launched online clubs where they can discuss and talk about the books that matter to them.

Co-founders Lincy Ayala (CEO) and Xiomara Figueroa (CTO) have announced that this update will not only connect readers who are reading the same books, it will let them discuss books with other readers worldwide.

The BookSloth app began as a passion project aiming to provide the best reading experience created by and for readers.

“As avid readers, we value reading itself and it will always be important to us to create the best individual and group reading experience alongside the reader community,” Ayala said.

Unlike existing reading apps that focus on offering reading lists and reading statistics, BookSloth wants to help connect readers who are looking to have lively book discussions in real time.

After speaking with other readers about how frustrating it was to find new books to read and people to discuss them with, Ayala and Figueroa decided to leave their full-time jobs to create a product that would offer personalized recommendations and allow users to connect and share their love for reading in a dynamic way.

BookSloth currently has more than 40,000 users, who have participated in thousands of book discussions in the app, reviewed more than 280,000 books and added more than 425,000 books to their profiles.

“There is still a need for a space where it is possible to have enjoyable discussions as you read a book. BookSloth is focused on creating the best community exclusive to readers, one that will include all features in one place while maintaining a clean and user-friendly design,” Ayala said.

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