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Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities awards $265K to 27 nonprofits hit by pandemic

Committed to alleviating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities (FPH, in Spanish) awarded a total of $265,000 in special donations to 27 cultural organizations with humanistic purposes that have been affected by the crisis.

The allocated funds were provided by a special CARES Act allocation, channeled through the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the local nonprofit said.

The 27 entities that received funding stand out for their community outreach programs, which provide services to diverse populations in 60 towns in Puerto Rico, the FPH said.

Organizations include museums, historical sites, libraries, archives dedicated to the conservation and access to historical documents, cultural centers, entities dedicated to education in the arts and others with significant educational, social, cultural and economic impact on their communities.

The vast majority of the 27 approved proposals will receive a $10,000 donation that they can use in operational areas to offset losses after the COVID-19 crisis.

“We know some of the excellent organizations that have benefited from this support because they have had an extensive working relationship with the FPH, but it should be noted that more than half of the selected entities had not applied before,” said FPH Executive Director Margarita Benítez.

“We’re pleased with the diversity of their areas of performance in the cultural and humanistic sector, from museums, libraries, organizations dedicated to cinema, theater, classical music education and folk music. They also serve people from all corners of the island,” Benítez said.

An additional $200,000 will be added to the allocation, to be distributed as mini donations and a new round of calls for applications to cover operational and programmatic expenses of organizations with a humanistic mission.

For this next round, organizations that have the federal 501c3 exemption requirement and that have not received support in the first call will be eligible.

The 27 organizations that received special donations from the FPH are:

  1. Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation;
  2. Association of Friends of Fortín de San Gerónimo;
  3. Pablo Casals Foundation-Casa Pilar Defilló;
  4. Rafael Hernández Colón Library Foundation;
  5. Puerto Rico Museum of Art;
  6. The Sacred Heart University Art Gallery;
  7. The University of Puerto Rico’s History, Anthropology and Art Museum;
  8. The Foundation for the Advancement of Culture and Education through the Arts;
  9. The Museum of the Americas in San Juan;
  10. The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library;
  11. Oboe Mobile Foundation;
  12. The Güiros Orchestra of Puerto Rico;
  13. The Josefina Camacho de la Nuez Museum and Center for Humanistic Studies;
  14. The San Juan Students Arts League;
  15. Niños Nueva Esperanza Inc.;
  16. The Puerto Rico Documentalists Association;
  17. The White Quartz Inc. theater company;
  18. Mamodabaca, Corporation for the rescue of the San Antonio de Padua Chapel, museum and historical site in Isabela;
  19. The Museum of the History of San Germán;
  20. The Ponce Museum of Art;
  21. The Pro Arte Musical organization;
  22. The Roger Martinez Library and Archive of the San Juan Children’s Choir;
  23. The Board of Trustees of Castillo Serrallés, historical museum in Ponce;
  24. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Santurce;
  25. Mayagüez Children’s Library;
  26. The Caribbean University Museum of Art; and,
  27. The Music and Country Foundation.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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