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Puerto Rican-owned AI fintech firm raising $10M in seed capital

New York entrepreneur Jánelle Marina Méndez Viera is aiming to raise $10 million in seed capital to “revolutionize” Wall Street with her cutting-edge financial technology software platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. 

Liberty Leaf AI, the brainchild of Méndez-Viera, “aims to disrupt and expand the boundaries of the traditional financial landscape, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the industry,” as explained in Medium.com.

The company is inviting strategic partnerships with private equity investors who share its commitment to social responsibility, ethical investing and driving innovation.

Liberty Leaf AI’s software, which is protected by four provisional patents, uses advanced tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. The system combines “AI-powered currency, AI-weapons, AI-robots, and AI-securities,” which are features like money controlled by artificial intelligence, tools for finance that use artificial intelligence to assist users, and financial products that are enhanced with artificial intelligence.

“Through the fusion of advanced technologies and forward-thinking approaches, Liberty Leaf AI is poised to transform Wall Street and shape the future of finance,” said Méndez-Viera, who has already secured a strategic partnership with Antier Solutions, a blockchain development company based in India, to bring her inventions to market.

The funds raised will be used to expand her team, scale operations in the Hudson Valley and accelerate product development.

Liberty Leaf AI aims to start its business by using a currency called the U.S. Liberty Coin. The currency would be used by people in New York to buy and sell legal cannabis. At the same time, this system would help keep track of and stop “modern slavery,” a problem found in cash-based farming markets.

Méndez-Viera says that the cannabis market in New York is predicted to reach $6 billion in a few years, and that Liberty Leaf AI’s patented technologies and its expertise in finance positions it to secure a significant share of New York’s AI financial technology market, which is also worth billions of dollars.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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