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Puerto Rican purses Beamina launch at Spain’s El Corte Inglés

The Puerto Rican purse line Beamina has officially landed at El Corte Inglés in Spain. Its iconic design is now available in the renowned European store, so Spanish women, often admired for their good fashion taste, can carry them wherever they go.

El Corte Inglés, a world leader in large department stores and a benchmark of Spanish distribution, met Beamina after efforts were made by its founders, who created the “bombón” purse.

The Beamina purses combine a classical look with a modern and elegant style. The story of how the brand was born, its high quality and what it represents is what El Corte Inglés took into consideration when deciding to add the purse to its variety of exclusive handbags.

“Beamina is a brand that when we created it we thought about what inspires women in all their aspects, mainly, to be better within their own abilities,” Beamina co-founders Betty Martínez and her daughter Paulina Anchía said. “We have given our best so that Beamina conquers Spain,” they added. 

During King Felipe VI’s last visit to Puerto Rico to increase commercial ties between Spain and the island, the Beamina founders gave him one of their purses as a gift for the queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano.

The Beamina co-founders said they “are happy and proud to be Puerto Rican women entrepreneurs, an example of Hispanic heritage,” and are excited to continue growing internationally, validating the trade alliance between Spain and Puerto Rico.

“We urge you to support Beamina as an emerging brand in Spain,” Martínez said. “We are grateful for the opportunity that El Corte Inglés has given us. Beamina is ready to give its best and continue to shine together. Beamina, without a doubt, is a brand with a purpose.”   

Since its inception in 2018, Beamina has been a purpose-driven fashion brand, its purpose being “the common good.”

Anchía, who is known to those close to her as Amina, created the brand out of a desire to share her love for life and inspire others to advocate in favor of their dreams and wishes.

Martínez explained that the name Beamina “ascends because her son Pablo affectionately called Paulina, his sister, Amina.” 

“Amina means a person that is protected from everything that causes fear,” Martínez explained. “Amina is a warrior and ‘be’ comes from the verb ‘ser’ [translated into] English. If you want to be an Amina, you want to be the warrior of your dreams.”

“Through this brand, we want everyone to be the warriors of their own lives and dreams. With Beamina, the intention is to inspire, elevate, strengthen and eliminate any feeling of doubt or fear for those wearing these pieces,” the designer further noted.

Anchía’s tenacity led her mother to pursue and support her daughter’s mission, and she unintentionally became an entrepreneur, “finding her passion and life purpose to continue working on the brand’s growth.”

The young entrepreneur described “as an unforgettable experience,” when renowned Latin American fashion designer Carolina Herrera congratulated her for her role in fashion, and gifted her with earrings and a signed handwritten note.

“A track record of success and commitment is the best way to describe Beamina’s story and is one more reason to show the world that women can do it,” Martínez stressed. “Our pieces came to transcend across the world. Beamina is a brand with original and elegant designs that empower women to be the best they can be.”

Among the public figures who have worn and showcased their Beamina purses are Dayanara Torres, Lilliana Vázquez, Sharon Fonseca, Lola Lolita, Alexandra Fuentes, Oxana Rivera, Atenas Hernández and Nane Miller.
For more information about Beamina, visit the brand online.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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