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Puerto Rican solar energy firm SunBeat Energy expands to 3 countries

Solar battery manufacturer SunBeat Energy, based in Puerto Rico, announced the expansion of its sales and distribution operations to Mexico, Panama, and Colombia.

In Colombia, the firm was recently selected as one of the most recognized brands at the ExpoSolar 2021 event for the Central and South American region.

During the activity, which took place in Medellín, SunBeat Energy’s technology stood out as one of the most closely in-line with the country’s needs, company officials said.

Next week, SunBeat will participate in Solar Power in Mexico, the largest solar energy event in that country.

SunBeat Energy’s distribution manager for Latin America, Adrián Arce, assured that they have enough inventory in Puerto Rico and Panama to meet the needs of renewable energy customers. Some of its products are considered as interfaces for solar systems that need to supply energy in prolonged blackouts.

“Our All-in-One electrical interface works with existing and new solar systems to provide a single connection to the home or business,” said Arce.

“Rechargeable lithium batteries provide electrical energy storage for home consumption, net metering and backup energy to facilitate independence from the electricity grid,” said Arce, adding that in the first seven months of operation, the company has already installed more than 250 units in Puerto Rico and the first installations in Florida are about to begin.

SunBeat Energy provides options for incorporating batteries into solar systems owned by residential and commercial clients. SunBeat batteries isolate any type of failure without stopping operation while a technician checks remotely.

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Author Details
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