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Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association partners with CryptoMondays San Juan

The Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association announced a partnership with CryptoMondays San Juan, which “will make events more inclusive and accessible, empowering Puerto Ricans to tap into education, networking, and employment opportunities.”

“Our weekly events on the island bring blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers together,” said CryptoMondays San Juan organizer Pedro Rivera.

“The power of [more than] 150 individuals sharing information about decentralization, cryptocurrency, and emerging trends is immense. This new partnership will open that network to anyone who wants to learn and grow,” he said.

CryptoMondays San Juan events are held each Monday throughout the city. The weekly gatherings take place at venues including restaurants, hotels, and commercial spaces and include panel discussions, presentations, and general networking.

“Community organizers like Pedro along with local legislation enables the blockchain industry to thrive in Puerto Rico,” said Keiko Yoshino, executive director of The Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association. “We’re excited because this partnership positions us to grow and extend knowledge and resources to larger groups, creating tangible impact.”

The newly formed partnership will announce specific initiatives in coming months designed to both grow CryptoMondays San Juan participation and extend opportunities for Puerto Ricans beyond weekly gatherings.

“Pedro has done an incredible job, and I am delighted he will be receiving added support from the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association,” said CryptoMondays movement Founder James Haft.

“The partnership initiatives will offer local communities and institutions access to collaborative education and economic programs, which will continue the tradition of Puerto Rico as a global hub for the emerging blockchain industry,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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