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Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce proposes COVID-19 contact tracing guides

The Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce has presented a proposal that lays out recommendations to implement “effective and efficient” COVID-19 contact tracking methods that would replace the manual efforts the island’s government has performed so far.

To achieve that, the CofC headed the creation of an advisory group of experts in the areas of health, compliance, technology, integrations and law to evaluate the proposed systems and initiatives of some groups, establish evaluation criteria and finally submit the recommendations through a report to the private sector.

“We must learn to live with COVID-19 until solutions are identified. To achieve this, we need better and more access to information, automated and integrated processes, but above all innovative solutions to a novel virus,” CofC President José Ledesma said.

“The efforts documented in these recommendations are intended to find these possible solutions and propose how different initiatives should be integrated for the well-being and health of all residents of Puerto Rico,” he said.

To achieve the effectiveness of a COVID-19 exposure reporting system, it is estimated that approximately 60% of population use is required. So, in the absence of a legal mandate that requires it, recent studies raise the need for aggressive campaigns that allow the safety of people and workers, and that this measure increases the level of safety to unprecedented levels. 

In the same way, it reduces the economic damage million dollars caused by a prolonged closure that affects us all, the trade group said in its report.

The advisory group evaluated more than 10 proposed solutions and initiatives such as Abartys Health’s Patient Lynk, Safe Paths and Code4PR, to meet the needs of tracking systems in Puerto Rico.

During the evaluation process, the group concluded that a tracking solution consists of many systems that communicate with each other, and that when selecting a system it is important to know what the expected purpose and results are. 

Security, privacy and reliability were some of the concerns the group presented after evaluating proposed solutions and cases that have already been reported in other states. In addition, the group established guides and recommendations for selecting systems.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


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