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Puerto Rico Demographic Registry launches online appointment service

The Puerto Rico Demographic Registry, an agency under the Puerto Rico Health Department, has launched an online service to enable people to request appointments and process necessary documents.

By connecting to RegistroDemograficoCitas.com, users are able to see the services for which appointments are offered: Death certifications; marriage registrations; birth registration or marriage License.

Once the service has been selected, additional sub-services will be presented within each category, the list of documents, costs and stamps required for each transaction and additional information. The appointments calendar is at the bottom of the page, which shows the office locations, and date and time according to availability.

If a voucher is needed, the user may download the Treasury Department’s Colecturía Móvil Digital application to buy the amount needed to complete the transaction. The stamps or vouchers will arrive by email and may be printed or presented on the phone screen as they will be available in the application itself.

Users may also cancel their appointments by entering their e-mail address and the appointment number received with their confirmation.

“If [the person] prefers to buy the voucher in person, Colecturía Digital has identified more than 700 points of sale, including gas stations, pharmacies, cooperatives or banks, among others,” said Demographic Registry Director Wanda Llovet.

“The application recognizes the person’s location and shows a list of nearby options. In the same way, they can visit the collections agency of choice,” Llovet said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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