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Puerto Rico hosting AIESEC Alumni Leadership Summit Aug. 11-14

An international network of professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs will meet in Puerto Rico to celebrate the AIESEC Alumni Leadership Summit (AALS), to promote business relations and seek investment opportunities among participating countries.

The event — which will take place Aug. 11-14 at the Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. — is expected to pump $500,000 into Puerto Rico’s economy, organizers said.

AIESEC is an international organization made up of professionals and volunteers with the mission of forging leaders to create well-being, social programs, and business development in society, strengthening multicultural ties.

The AIESEC Alumni Leadership Summit is the annual meeting of the association’s Ibero-American chapter, which seeks to open a space for network leaders to participate and be part of the decisions for the organization’s future, contributing to and impacting the business world, organizers said.

“At this historical event, Puerto Rico positions itself as an international hub of commercial relations, driven by the tradition of a global organization with more than three million graduates in 75 years since its foundation,” said Agnes B. Suárez, the AIESEC Alumni Leadership Summit’s organizing committee chair.

“Executives from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean will arrive at our shores to exchange ideas, explore business and learn about the virtues of our island,” she added.

Three forums will be offered during the Summit, divided into the topics of business, education and nonprofit organizations and their impact on the community.

More than 39 speakers have confirmed their participation, including presidents, CFO’s and CEOs in different sectors of the private industry, government and members of AIESEC Alumni.

They will be available for business meetings, appointments with internship companies, universities, a “Global Village” meeting, in addition to celebrating commercial and sociocultural interconnection during the Summit.

Executives and professionals from several industries from Ecuador, Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, United States and Puerto Rico, will participate in the AIESEC Alumni Summit.

Among the industries represented by the international delegates are: technology, investments, insurance, automotive, distribution, education, marketing, logistics, technology, food, pharmaceuticals, franchises, sustainable products, recycling, consulting and human resources.

The forums are open to the public, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and all AIESECers. Additional information is available on the organization’s website.

Event agenda:

Aug. 11 – Business Forum: Expansion and investment strategies in the face of a challenging economy

International executives and senior local government officials are slated to discuss business opportunities in Puerto Rico, foreign free trade zone, export services and strategic projects, as well as funds and strategies to position the island as a place of business.

Among the confirmed speakers are: Puerto Rico Secretary of State Omar Marrero; Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce Manuel Cidre,; George Ramirez, President of Hecho en Puerto Rico; José Burgos, director of the US Department of Commerce; and Carlos Mercado, Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Target: Executives, professionals and the public interested in learning Puerto Rico’s business offer and networking for future opportunities.

Aug. 12- Summit of nonprofit organizations

The goal of the First Summit of nonprofit organizations is to strengthen them through alliances that promote the sector’s sustainability. During the first part of this Summit, a group of leaders from the nonprofit sector will be sharing how their organizations developed, the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and how they diversified their funds to continue growing.

In the second part, analysis firm Estudios Tecnicos will present a study and relevant data related to non-governmental organizations. Resident Commissioner Jennifer González will speak about the availability of funds for the organizations. During the third part, a panel of foundations will discuss how the sector has changed, the populations they are currently focused on and what causes they wish to attend to prospectively.

Aug. 13 — International Education Forum: Impact of the transformation of higher education worldwide, let’s strengthen ties of opportunities.

The forum is bringing together important leaders of Puerto Rico’s education sector, including the government, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations aligned with the education and private sector.

Among the main objectives are: Attracting students from around the world to pursue higher education in Puerto Rico at an attractive cost with extraordinary quality and evaluate collaboration agreements for various projects around education.

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Author Details
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