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Puerto Rico hosts among top rated on Airbnb platform

The Airbnb short-term rental platform confirmed that two hosts in Puerto Rico stood out among the list of hosts who in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic innovated and provided better hospitality and boosted safety and hygiene protocols to guarantee comfort and well-being for their guests.

Airbnb took on the task of finding the most prominent hosts in Puerto Rico during 2021, “to show and highlight their accommodations, which, according to user ratings, comply with the appropriate cleaning protocols for the protection of guests and that they stand out for being very hospitable,” it said in a statement.

The ranking included Anna Canaparo, a host in San Juan, and Edgardo Vientos, a host in San Sebastián, who received five-star reviews from the guest community for cleaning, check-in, and proper communication with guests.

“This year, many territories had more than one eligible host, so to narrow it down to the most hospitable host on Airbnb, in those places that will have more than one, the tiebreaker was to assess the number of reviews on their accommodations,” Airbnb stated.

“One of the reasons we joined Airbnb is that we love hosting our circle of friends and obviously serving the guests who come to our space,” said Canaparo.

“The magic is to provide an excellent service and for me there are two vital areas: first, cleanliness, that the guest sees the cozy place and reflect what they saw on the platform. The other area is that as hosts we should be happy to provide the service to the guests,” she said.

In total, of the 1,000 qualified hosts on the list, two of them made the tiebreaker and shared some experiences and tips they have implemented to improve their accommodations and meet their guests’ standards during their stay.

“The moment a guest calls that he has an emergency need or something to repair, you as the host intervene quickly,” said Canaparo. “It is transcendental to understand the cultures of each country and adapt to the needs of the guests, from the above transparency stands out, by that I mean that everything that is seen on the platform is truthful and meets all the requirements.”

Meanwhile, Vientos, who has been on the Airbnb platform for two years, said “the main reason for joining Airbnb is that we prepared several areas in our home to be able to enjoy with family and friends, but we were rarely able to meet.”

“On the Airbnb platform we saw the opportunity to share these areas so that other people could enjoy them and at the same time receive financial compensation, so we tried,” he said.

“We strive to offer our guests a quiet, clean, private, and safe environment, designed for the enjoyment of all in the family simultaneously. In addition, we offer them an inclusive environment where they can stay alone, as a couple, or as a family with areas that they can enjoy both day and night, all this coupled with affordable prices and effective communication make our guests stay 100% satisfied,” he said.

For the hosts, this type of recognition shows that the attention they have paid to every detail has been fundamental for the guests to enjoy their stay and to attract new guests through the qualifications obtained by the people who have spent a few days in their homes, Airbnb said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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