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Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics revamps report of filled gov’t positions

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics unveiled new programming to generate a report that offers a clearer picture of the number of occupied positions in government and the ability to compare current information with prior months, among other changes.

To redesign the report, the agency used the “R” free, open-code software, eliminating manual procedures, said Institute of Statistics Executive Director Orville Disdier.

“This new programming is one of the most advanced, as it optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the statistical processes on this subject, improves our ability to control government positions with updated information, and allows comparisons with previous years,” he said.

The new design includes a monthly tabulated report by agency and type of position, in addition to the time series, with details about the position, and the number of filled jobs by government entity, among others.

Act 103-2006 establishes that each government entity has the duty to certify this information to the Comptroller’s Office on a monthly basis.

The January 2021 edition is the most recent of this report and reflects that the total number of filled government positions has dropped from 275,448 in January 2008 to 150,502 in January 2021. Similarly, career positions have been reduced from 218,540 in January 2008 to 109,975 in January 2021.

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Author Details
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