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Puerto Rico P3 Authority seeking co.’s to modernize HTA’s digital infrastructure

The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (P3) is seeking quotes from qualified financial, technical, and legal advisors to assist with the analysis of a potential P3 project related to the modernization of the digital infrastructure of the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority (HTA).

According to the Request for Quotes documents for the project’s different areas — financial, technical, and legal — the goal is to find private-sector providers that can paint the picture of how viable it would be to carry out the project and assist in developing the project itself.      

The goal of the project is to “modernize and expand the connectivity of the internet network and facilitate the transmission of data and information through the entire island of Puerto Rico.”

The project also seeks to strengthen the HTA’s internal communications network “which will allow better handling of information related to traffic conditions, road safety and emergency response,” the documents signed by P3 Authority Executive Director Fermín Fontanés stated.

“The HTA is interested in establishing a project that allows to modernize, develop, and maximize the commercial infrastructure of all its telecommunications to accelerate Puerto Rico’s insertion into the virtual economy and expand Puerto Rico’s connectivity to the network of global internet information and data transmission,” according to a copy of the project description that News is my Business obtained.

The proposed project delivery method will be “design, build, finance, operate and maintain (DBFOM),” the P3 stated.

“In exchange for the investment and risk to be transferred to the private party, the HTA will allow the private party to commercialize the digital infrastructure by offering telecommunication services and internet services, among others,” according to the documents.

The HTA owns large portions of infrastructure throughout Puerto Rico, including extensive telecom and digital infrastructure. For example, the agency owns telecom towers, fiber optics and broadband already installed.

Firms looking to handle the financial, legal, and technical aspects of the project have all be asked to present similar proposals, including an analysis of the proposed P3 to determine its viability, their availability to assist the P3 Authority in developing the business case and feasibility of implementing the project, assist in drafting a desirability and convenience study, and develop all financial aspects of the projects.

Each specific area of expertise will be assigned a specific scope of work, according to the documents.

Interested firms have until Aug. 20, 2021, at 5 p.m. to submit their presentations in response to the P3 Authority’s request.


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