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Puerto Rico ranks among ‘best places to retire’ in global survey

Global travel site Big 7 Travel and car comparison specialists EnjoyTravel have conducted a study on the Best Places to Retire in the World, which ranked Puerto Rico 18 out of 50 destinations.

Locations were ranked on quality of life, cost of living, rent index, restaurant price index, average annual temperatures, and the easiness of obtaining a visa or residency. The survey also considered healthcare, hospitality, language barriers and the range of things to do.

“To make the cut, we’ve been ruthless with ensuring that destinations must offer a good mixture of everything. So, if quality of lifestyle is rocket high but the chances of getting a visa or residency permit are slim, it won’t make the list. Ready to retire early? It’s time to pack those bags,” the survey stated.

“Puerto Rico was named one of the Best Places to Retire in the World due to its high quality of life (133.77), overall easiness of obtaining a visa/residency and range of things to do,” according to the document.

In its description of the island, the study noted that “rental prices are significantly lower than those found anywhere in the United States, as are the restaurant prices. Puerto Rico ranks highly for quality of life too, thanks to its low-cost healthcare, jaw-dropping landscapes, and spectacular cities. Both English and Spanish are widely spoken across the island, and there’s a large English-speaking expat community here too.”

In its study, the travel site noted that people are not waiting until they get to their late 60s to make the most of life.

“In recent years the FIRE [Financial Independence, Retire Early] has gained real momentum. According to this approach, extreme saving and investment could mean retiring in your 40s or even late 30s,” the survey stated.

Puerto Rico outranked other destinations in the region like Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, and Paraguay.

Slovenia topped the list, taking the top spot for its “endless forests, alpine villages and colorful capital, there’s plenty to keep retirees occupied. Expats can enjoy a relatively low cost of living (47) and a high quality of life (169.04). Visa and residency permit barriers are low too. Plus, English is widely spoken, and temperatures are mild, with sunny summers and cozy winters,” the survey stated.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Jorge Vila November 11, 2022

    Seriously? Quality of life? With unstable electricity service+ high cost of living+high crime+scarcity of health providers+poor public transportation+poor conditions roads.

    1. Mari November 12, 2022

      Yes, we are not in the best situation right now, but we have the most valuable resource that any country can have: the best people.

  2. Richard November 12, 2022

    Nah…government propaganda.
    PR, a place where nothing is done without federal.aid, corrupt government, healthcare is a joke, services are non existent and infrastructure is on a brink of total failure.
    Better retire in Dominican Republic where 20 bucks will give yoi weekly maid service, 10 buck will do for utilities for a month amd 40 bucks will fully stock a fridge


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