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Puerto Rico Retailers Association launches awareness campaign against COVID-19

The Puerto Rico Retailers Association (known as ACDET, in Spanish) launched an educational campaign to create awareness among businesses and consumers calling for living “in a more serious and responsible way in our new reality of COVID-19.”

The campaign was designed to urge Puerto Rico residents to not let their guards down, and for businesses to implement controls to be able to operate while avoiding contagion.

Under the “New reality, we embrace you” slogan, the campaign focuses on security measures such as: physical distancing; wearing face masks; detecting symptoms; and that this “is a reality that will live with us for longer than we would all like.”

The campaign calls for businesses to “proactively and voluntarily complete a commitment form” online in which they vow to carry out the measures that have proven to be effective to avoid contagion, to self-monitor the sector. They may also download campaign materials, so that they can publish them on their social networks and use them in their stores.

“It’s very likely that we will have to battle the COVID-19 contagion for the next few months. So, we must embrace and accept this reality with optimism and responsibility,” said Puerto Rico Retail Trade Association (known as ACDET, in Spanish) Executive Director Lymaris Otero.

“We’ve made a public commitment to spread this message more comprehensively and forcefully, with examples and messages that everyone can understand and apply. Responsibility is individual, but collaboration and solidarity will make it possible for us to beat this virus,” she said.

According to ACDET executives, this effort will support the measures that the Economic Task Force presented to the government and will promote compliance across-the-board.

“Faced with COVID-19, we’ll make the most serious commitment in our history to protect the health of our associates, collaborators and clients,” said Iván Báez, president of the trade group.

“During the past months, our industry has demonstrated an effective management of the protocols and security measures against the risks of COVID-19. We haven’t skimped on serving citizens safely,” he said.

“However, we decided that we should collaborate more in educational efforts. So, in the coming weeks our commitment is that the message reaches every home and every customer through the media,” he added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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