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Puerto Rico strengthens government cybersecurity with new partnership

In a joint effort to strengthen technological security in the government sector, the Puerto Rico Office of Inspector General (OIG, in Spanish) and the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), which is a government agency, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement. 

The objective is to raise awareness about the importance of government technology leaders and personnel working in the technology field being able to understand and comply with security standards to safeguard sensitive information and ensure the integrity of government technology systems.

The OIG and PRITS will collaborate to develop and implement awareness programs focusing on information security responsibilities. These programs will provide data about current threats, best security practices and the necessity of staying up to date with emerging technologies.

Inspector General Ivelisse Torres emphasized that: “Information security is not just a technical responsibility but a leadership responsibility. It is crucial that government technology leaders fully understand the magnitude of their role in protecting information and the security of systems supporting government operations.”

Antonio Ramos-Guardiola, PRITS chief technology officer of the government of Puerto Rico, stated that “cyberthreats are continuously evolving, and it is vital that government technology leaders are well-informed and trained to foresee, prevent and respond to potential security incidents. The collaboration between OIG and PRITS aims not only to address current threats but also to prepare technology leaders to face future challenges.”

“With the directive by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi to provide centralized cybersecurity services for the government of Puerto Rico, our focus is on strengthening the security of information systems, operational systems and data of the government of Puerto Rico through controls, monitoring and prompt responses, as well as to continue enhancing technology and ensuring that all necessary cybersecurity measures and standards are implemented in government entities,” said Ramos-Guardiola.

The collaborative effort also aims to raise awareness about technology security and foster a cultural shift that prioritizes information security in strategic government decision-making.

The OIG, assisted by PRITS, will initiate an analysis plan in key government entities to gather information on the significance of information systems. They will also start joint training for heads of government entities and technology personnel on relevant aspects of information security and risk management.

PRITS said it will contribute its expertise to develop dynamic and relevant training programs, covering topics from risk management to best practices in designing secure infrastructures.

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