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Puerto Rico to become ‘central axis’ of Caribbean blue economy plan

Looking to promote the development of the so-called “blue economy” in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Caribbean, nonprofit organization, Bluetide Puerto Rico (BTPR) recently signed a contract to design a strategic plan that will make Puerto Rico the central axis on this matter in the Caribbean.

“Blue economy” is a term in economics relating to the exploitation and preservation of the marine environment. Its scope of interpretation varies among organizations.

“The signing of this contract represents the base on which a new economy has to be built. An economy based on marine-related activities and industries,” said Guifre Tort, interim executive director of Bluetide Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico has long seen the ocean as a border, instead of a territorial extension capable of providing us with food, energy, and economic sustainability. These plans seek to give Puerto Rico the tools to become the hub of the caribbean for the blue economy,” Tort said.

This agreement represents a unique opportunity to rethink together with the communities, the Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands governments, how to conserve marine and coastal resources while creating opportunities for their sustainable use, job creation and economic growth for the region, said Fernando Pagés, director of Caribbean operations of Tetra Tech, a consulting and engineering services company responsible for the design of the strategic and implementation plan for BTPR.

The next step will be to start talks and structure the implementation strategy according to the work plan proposed by Tetra Tech to BTPR. The first phase of this process will consist of the development of planning sessions where Tetra Tech experts, together with Bluetide Puerto Rico, will identify all key components and stakeholders that will be participating.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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