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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. adds 8 new certified co.’s to its Agrotourism program

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company announced the certification of eight new Puerto Rican companies in its Agrotourism Program, for which they also received an incentive of $3,000 and participated in two workshops on Agrotourism in the Digital Era.

The eight certified companies are: Hacienda Chocolat in Fajardo; Hacienda Verde Tahiti in Cabo Rojo; La Finca Gaia in Dorado; Martinez Dairy in Vega Baja; Te invito a un Tour de Café in Orocovis; Hatillo Dairy y Fábrica de Quesos y Yogures De la Crema in Hatillo; El Paraiso Agrícola in Aguas Buenas; and Puerto Rico Paradise Farm in San Germán.

With the addition of these eight companies to the inventory of agro-tourism companies certified by the Tourism Co., the program now has 32 certified projects, which come to strengthen the tourism industry and contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic development, agency officials said.

“We’re very pleased to welcome these eight Puerto Rican companies that provide greater diversification to our Agrotourism Certification Program. This also allows us to become a facilitating agent to provide them with the best tools that can maximize their capabilities,” said Tourism Co. Executive Director Carlos Mercado-Santiago.

“With the entry of these tourism SMEs to the program, five municipalities where we did not have certified agrotourism projects are reached: Dorado; Cabo Rojo; San Germán; Fajardo; and Orocovis. These expand and maximize the diversity of Puerto Rico’s offer as a tourist destination and they create new sources of jobs and businesses that result in greater progress and economic development for the Island,” added Mercado.

According to the provisions of Resolution 21-016, the incentive that the Tourism Co. provides is to expand agrotourism offers in Puerto Rico and the existing tourist offers under the Agrotourism Program.

The Resolution establishes that the permitted uses for the funds are varied, including: uniforms for employees and related to the tourist offer; training for of tours such as certification for environmental interpreters; equipment directly related to the tours such as microphones for interpreters, baskets for collecting fruits, and materials for interactive workshops.

The uses also include marketing efforts, improvements to facilities of endorsed experiences, and educational material about the experience, among others that the Tourism Co. evaluates and must approve.

Meanwhile, the event to deliver the certification and the economic incentive offered members of the Agrotourism Certification Program a business training session focused on digital marketing, branding and how to maximize the use of the tools and platforms provided by the agency.

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Author Details
Yamilet Aponte-Claudio was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Providencia and is currently a junior at Sacred Heart University. Majoring in Journalism and adding a minor in sustainable development and foreign languages, she aspires to study law after obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

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