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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. grants $2.8M in incentives for sector recovery

The Puerto Rico Tourism Co. announced the disbursement of $2.8 million to help in the recovery and reactivation of endorsed tourist offers on the island in the wake of Hurricane Fiona.

Agency Executive Director Carlos Mercado said the allocation responds to Resolution 22-08, approved by the Tourism Co.’s board.

After an evaluation, the Tourism Co. decided it will grant economic stimulus ranging from $2,500 to $10,000, assigned as follows:

  • Agro Tourism Program – up to $10,000;
  • Paradores Program – up to $10,000;
  • Eco Tourism Program – up to $5,000;
  • Eco Estancias Program – up to $10,000;
  • Bed & Breakfast Program – up to $8,500;
  • Endorsed hotels with 25 rooms or less – up $7,500;
  • Endorsed hotels with between 26 and 75 rooms – up to $8,500;
  • Gastronomic inns – up to $7,500; and,
  • Travel agencies – up $3,000.

“The tourism industry is one of the engines of our island’s economy that has proven to be most resilient,” said Mercado. “For this reason, the Tourism Company is fully satisfied to grant them this economic stimulus so that they can continue to operate efficiently and provide excellent service.”

To receive the funds, Tourism Co.-endorsed businesses must comply with specific requirements that the agency has established. The businesses must prove that they were operating at the time Hurricane Fiona passed through Puerto Rico and attach the required documentation to their application, including merchant registration, IRS W-9, hotelier number (if applicable), among other requirements.

The recipients will be able to use the funds to buy equipment related to recovery efforts, to replace equipment that Hurricane Fiona damaged, repairs and installations, the purchase of products necessary to reopen the facility and cover costs associated with the purchase of fuel and/or drinking water.

“As representatives of hundreds of businesses that are part of the island’s tourism activity, we’re committed to working with the government to support our partners with the aid that is available in the face of the onslaught of natural phenomena,” said Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association President Clarisa Jiménez.

“With the signing of this agreement, we reaffirm our commitment and thank the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. for identifying these funds to support the different small inns and tourism businesses it endorses,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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