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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. launches Luquillo kiosks promotional plan

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) has created a new brand to promote the iconic kiosks in the municipality of Luquillo as a Special Gastronomic Center.

During the event, PRTC Executive Director Carlos Mercado-Santiago officially launched the Luquillo Kiosks Program, aimed at strengthening the image of the numerous kiosks that offer local fare in the island’s eastern tourism region. 

The initiative is part of the government-owned corporation’s internal tourism brand plan, “Voy Turisteando,” and its campaign, “Isla Aventura.”

“We are working tirelessly to maximize the standards we have set for diversifying the tourism offerings and boosting economic activity throughout the island, as it is a commitment made by the administration of Gov. Pedro Pierluisi,” Mercado-Santiago said. 

The official added: “The market surrounding the niche of gastronomic tourism is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors to foster the expansion of the tourism industry. For this reason, we value making this effort in collaboration with the central government, the municipality and private sector entrepreneurs to highlight the virtues of the iconic Luquillo Kiosks, which are recognized by locals and visitors as an unparalleled ‘Gastronomic Tourism Zone,’ bordered by one of the most cherished beaches on the island.”

The campaign for the Luquillo Kiosks Program is the result of meetings between the PRTC, the municipality of Luquillo and the group of entrepreneurs that make up the Luquillo Kiosks Association. As a result of these meetings, a logo was developed to promote the kiosks as a culinary tourism destination within the “Voy Turisteando” work plan.  

The area falls within the designated sub-park pillar of the thematic “Ruta Sazón” route, which categorizes the experiences and destinations of the island.

“All the initiatives that the Tourism Company promotes to recognize the Luquillo Gastronomic Center, better known as ‘los kioskos,’ validate our efforts to channel the economic development of Luquillo and the entire eastern region,” the PRTC chief further noted.

Luquillo Mayor Jesús “Jerry” Márquez-Rodríguez said the initiative is an essential part of “our work plan for the kiosks to continue being an icon of our city. We want their recognition to expand worldwide. Discover, enjoy and experience Luquillo, its kiosks and its surroundings.”

For her part, Luquillo Kiosks Association Board Secretary Astrid Vélez explained that “the kiosks are part of the island’s northeast region history, a marginalized area that for more than 50 years has been the economic support for hundreds of families and the meeting point for locals and tourists.” 

She said the campaign “represents mobility for us, so that locals and foreigners can learn more about us, about our spaces,” and added that the area “will no longer be wooden and zinc kiosks like in the past, but we continue with our essence as a community of  kiosks, offering an incredible gastronomic experience.” 

“Thanks to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company for giving us local and international visibility and supporting us with their ideas to highlight our businesses, “Vélez said. “We invite everyone to enjoy good food, a family-friendly atmosphere, and the variety of our corner in Luquillo.”

During the public announcement, the promotional plan of the “Gastronomic Tourism Zone” Kiosk Program, along with its new logo, was unveiled. Training sessions on social media and brand management were given to kiosk owners.

The promotional plan for the Luquillo Kiosks Program includes an investment in social media and the “Voy Turisteando” website. Advertising will also be found on most digital platforms such as YouTube, and on radio, billboards and TV programs. There is also an influencer coverage plan, and the kiosks’ location will be easily accessible on the Waze navigation application. 

The plan will also promote tourism destinations in the area, including La Monserrate beach, also known as Luquillo beach, and other attractions in Eastern Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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