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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. predicts 37,800 locals will stay at hotels on 4th of July weekend

Two days before the 4th of July weekend and a month after the launch of the “Check In Por Tu Isla” marketing initiative, the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. revealed that occupancy rates during the 4-day weekend are expected to reach 46.9% with some 37,884 local residents planning to stay at an agency-endorsed hotel or small inn.

“The reopening of our tourism industry has been a strong one and our residents have driven the resurgence of this sector,” Tourism Co. Executive Director Carla Campos said.

“According to the data gathered by our agency, it is estimated that there are 16,604 room nights currently booked at an average rate of $154.30. These bookings will generate a direct economic impact of $3,332,652 during this holiday weekend,” she said, noting the tally is for occupancy from Thursday to Sunday.

“Working alongside industry partners, our destination is well prepared for its upcoming official tourism industry reopening on June 15 and, and we’re now more than ready to welcome back foreign travelers starting on July 15,” she said.

The “Check In Por Tu Isla” marketing initiative and the implementation of the Health and Safety Destination Program have amplified the interest of locals to book a vacation during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, the agency said.

Since June 8th, the VoyTuristeando.com webpage has received a total of 110,406 users and 859,757 visits. These visits have generated a total of 21,378 direct sales referrals for hotels and businesses whose promotional offers are available at the website, according to Tourism Co. numbers. Campos said the 46.9% occupancy rate estimate is a promising one as it represents a 42-point increase over the estimated 4.8% occupancy rate reported for the month of April, and an over 30-point increase from the 10% estimate for the month of May.

“Around 38,000 local residents will ‘check in’ during the four-day weekend and enjoy a safe and sound holiday break,” said Campos.

“This is a sure sign that Puerto Rico has always been a diverse and accessible destination to enjoy a vacation without having to travel outside the island,” she added. “We invite all residents to take advantage of the offers created especially for local consumers and to continue supporting the island’s economy.”

More than 60 inns and tourism-related businesses are part of the “Check-In por la Isla” initiative.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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