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Puerto Rico Trade, SBA partner to benefit small, mid- sized businesses

Puerto Rico Trade Company Executive Director Francisco Chévere (Credit: © Mauricio Pascual)

Puerto Rico Trade Company Executive Director Francisco Chévere (Credit: © Mauricio Pascual)

Puerto Rico Trade Company Executive Director Francisco Chévere and Small Business Administration Regional Director Jorge Silva Puras, signed a collaboration agreement to maximize the benefits of the services currently offered by both institutions and will help promote the growth and development of the small and medium-sized enterprises.

“The purpose of this strategic alliance is to foster and develop a mutual understanding and working relationship between Puerto Rico Trade and the SBA to strengthen, promote and expand the establishment of more Puerto Rican companies, which are the cornerstone of Puerto Rico’s economic development,” said Chévere.

The two-year agreement will offer local entrepreneurs a network of resources that will provide access to more information and advice on how to establish, operate and maintain a business. Also, both organizations will share information on the best financing options for these projects and will collaborate in allocating resources for the promotion and export of products made in Puerto Rico.

Silva Puras expressed confidence in the partnership, saying it will benefit many local entrepreneurs by establishing a network of resources and valuable information for the development or expansion of a business.

In a written statement, he reiterated SBA’s commitment to work with Puerto Rico Trade toward a common goal of increasing awareness and available support for small businesses to expand their opportunities.

“This alliance makes Puerto Rico Trade a partner of the SBA, which gives us the opportunity to offer more services to our customers. These partnerships are initiatives for promoting entrepreneurial culture and generate local capital,” said Chévere.

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Author Details
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