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Puerto Rico’s working women urged to participate in survey

The Women’s Advocate Office (OPM, in Spanish) and the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics have reiterated their call to all working women on the island to complete the Working Women’s Needs survey, available at www.estadisticas.pr/necesidades-mujer.

The purpose of the online questionnaire — which is aimed at working women, both in the public and private sectors, as well as housewives, caregivers, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals — is to better identify the needs and challenges of working women and, based on empirical evidence, to promote potential short-, medium- and long-term solutions.

“The deadline to complete the questionnaire is June 16,” interim Women’s Advocate Madeline Bermúdez said. “You still have time to participate in this valuable tool. The survey is of the utmost importance as it will allow us to fulfill our office’s mission with greater accuracy. We seek to ensure the full development of women, promote equality and equity, eradicate all manifestations of discrimination and violence, promote and enforce public policies that guarantee their human rights, and educate the community to make proactive and affirmative decisions in defense of women’s rights.”

The institute’s executive director, Orville Disdier, said: “At the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics, we are collecting the surveys in order to conduct an analysis and generate statistics for the subsequent presentation of the results.”

Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous. The topics covered include current employment situation, work environment, breastfeeding, maternity, household structure and needs, quality of life, physical health and emotional health.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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