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Qyral expands weight management services to Puerto Rico

Qyral, a provider of personalized health care solutions, has expanded its services to Puerto Rico, offering weight management options and opening opportunities for entrepreneurship through its consultant network.

The company brings its weight management approach to the island, providing prescription Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. It says that clinical trials have shown these medications’ effectiveness in weight loss, “among other health benefits.” 

Qyral customizes these solutions to individual health profiles and goals, providing support and guidance.

“Our arrival in Puerto Rico represents an exciting milestone for Qyral,” said Hanieh Sigari, founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to help empower individuals across Puerto Rico to transform their lives with our personalized services.”

Established in 2019, Qyral’s stated mission is to support healthy aging and living, and says that it has evolved into a longevity company offering prescription and nonprescription skincare and weight management solutions.

With its strategic expansion, Qyral is now recruiting consultants in Puerto Rico to widen its wellness industry presence and reach “a new audience eager for advanced weight management solutions.”

“This expansion will play a crucial role in introducing our products to a wider community,” said Jennifer Harmon, chief sales officer. “We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact our consultants will have in helping individuals achieve their wellness goals.”

Qyral’s website is already up for customers looking for solutions or for those interested in joining as consultants.

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