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BMA group to shake up recruiting with unique service

BMA Group CEO Brenda Marrero.

Recruiting and outsourcing firm BMA Group is partnering with tech startup TalenTank to provide a new service that identifies employees’ core values and monitors company culture to improve employee engagement and increase culture-fit hires, the company announced Tuesday.

BMA Group (Brenda Marrero & Associates) recently acquired an undisclosed stake in Madrid-based startup TalenTank, creator of an integrated SaaS (software as a service) that allows companies to map and track their company culture online, allowing them to shape their culture and hire the most compatible candidates.

Employees use the tool to complete a six-minute survey, and the software analyzes the results, identifying their shared values, analyzing company culture and subcultures, and showing which groups exert the most influence on the company.

Using this information, companies can examine the impact changes and reorganizations have on the employees and company culture, measure job candidates’ compatibility, hire culture-fit candidates and build teams of value-aligned people.

“By being able to define and manage company culture through this unique service, businesses can apply that intelligence to recruit candidates that are not only technically capable and prepared for a specific role, but also aligned with the organization’s values,” said BMA Group CEO Brenda Marrero.

BMA Group discovered TalenTank last year through a program launched by local startup accelerator Parallel18 that offers a $40,000 grant, mentoring, training, support and workspace to selected high-impact innovative enterprises that want to scale their businesses from Puerto Rico.

“We were impressed with TalenTank’s product and how well it fit with our recruiting services,” Marrero said. “It’s perfectly aligned with our vision of providing business solutions that combine talent with technology.”

The novel service was long overdue, Marrero said, adding “this is an extraordinary innovation in an industry that has not seen major changes in the last decade.”

Research shows that when employees are surrounded by people who are aligned with their values, their performance improves by 22 percent, conflicts decrease by 30 percent, and chances of turnover drop by 50 percent, according to BMA Group and TalenTank.

“The people that you work with have a tremendous impact on you and your performance, so mapping and understanding your company culture can make a huge difference in your business,” said Talent Tank CEO Juan Martín Sainz de Vicuña.

“When Brenda told us that she doesn’t sleep until recruited candidates are happy and engaged in their new positions, we knew right then and there that together we could change the world,” Sainz de Vicuña said.

Talent Tank was one of 36 international companies — out of 415 applicants — selected by Parallel18 a year ago to participate in five months of intense mentorship from business and technology experts.

“Our global team of judges was looking for innovative companies that have driven significant customer traction and that are looking to take their company global,” Parallel18 executive director Sebastián Vidal explained at the time.

“What we found was an amazing cohort that sets the bar high and will lend further credibility to the booming startup scene here on the island,” Vidal added.

BMA Group is a recruiting and outsourcing firm based in San Juan that provides innovative business solutions to help clients thrive in today’s ever-changing, hi-tech global marketplace.

The firm has developed and perfected a smart recruitment process to attract, engage and retain every company’s most valuable asset: employees. BMA Group has 23 subsidiaries throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain.

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This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Franco Mondo March 16, 2017

    This is truly te marriage of talent and technology.


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