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Red Cat releases blockchain-based drone-tracking platform

Red Cat, a provider of distributed data storage, analytics and services for the drone industry, announced the beta release of its blockchain-based black box storage, analytics and services platform to make drones trackable and accountable.

Red Cat’s platform release
includes several integrated systems that enable industry regulators to track
and review drone flight data, insurance companies to insure drones with
reliable third-party data, and pilots to ensure compliance with regulators.

Red Cat’s black box flight
recorder is the first distributed system with secure and encrypted third-party
data that regulators and insurance companies can trust, the company stated.

Red Cat’s platform was designed
to address the “growing need in this rapidly evolving ecosystem for a simple
and secure data storage and analytics solution for regulators, insurance
companies, pilots/enterprisers with drone fleets, and drone service companies.”

Additionally, with new and
evolving regulations and new technologies, Red Cat provides services backed by
expertise in drones, blockchain, data analytics, AI/ML and the regulatory
environment at the center of the drone ecosystem.

“The next phase of the
aerospace industry will include commercial aircraft, helicopters and many
different kinds of drones in all shapes and sizes,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO of
Red Cat.

“For drones to have equitable
access to airspace, the industry will require reliable and immutable data to
ensure accountability and trackability,” he said. “We developed Red Cat’s black
box analytics and storage to enable compliance for the drone industry and
ensure safer skies for everyone.”

The new beta testing program
has been developed based on feedback from top drone pilots and influencers and
contains the most up-to-date technology in AI and blockchain to optimize drone
performance, executives said

To apply to as an early beta
tester of Red Cat’s Blockchain Black Box, complete this form.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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