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Red Ventures Puerto Rico celebrates 4th anniversary

After the destructive passage of Hurricane María in September 2017, Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias, a Puerto Rico native, was compelled to help island residents while also identifying the need of taking long-term impact actions.

In an interview with News is my Business, Red Ventures Puerto Rico Executive Vice President Francisco (Tony) Navarro-Sertich — who joined Red Ventures in 2020 and heads the growing operations out of San Juan — said when Elias came down to Puerto Rico in 2017, he realized that for Puerto Rico to really progress and continue to evolve “it needed to invest in talent.”

“So, he had this vision to what was called at the time Forward787,” Navarro said. “And the idea was to create a platform that would enable Red Ventures to train Puerto Ricans in the latest technology in digital marketing and allow them to come back to Puerto Rico and impact the island in a positive way from San Juan.”

Navarro further noted that in 2018, some 40 young professionals from across Puerto Rico and others living in the mainland US spent a year and a half in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they were trained.

“And then, in 2020 right before the pandemic hit, they came back to San Juan,” he added. “And from that group of 40 people now the group is of about 150 people, and we are all working together out of Santurce where we have our headquarters.”

Since then, “we have been both powering many of the Red Venture [digital] properties … in Santurce but we have also launched additional businesses locally like Platea which is a digital media brand aimed at highlighting all the good and positive things Puerto Rico has to offer.”

The company has trained and staffed people that now work in three disciplines: technology, content, and business, Navarro said.

Those people now working at the company kicked off their journey at an associate level and, over time, they continue to progress and grow in the company.

“And they receive additional responsibilities as they move on,” Navarro assured.

He further noted that the company also tries to attract local talent that has left Puerto Rico to come back to the island.

“We’re offering competitive wages at the same level as we would in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re offering them a tremendous amount of training and then we’re offering them an incredible career opportunity where they can grow right here from Puerto Rico within a global company and continue their journey within their professional trajectory,” Navarro said.

Red Ventures Puerto Rico offers its employees the opportunity to work in a high tech modern digital company in which they can establish themselves in “Puerto Rico and thrive.”

From Forward787 to Red Ventures Puerto Rico
Currently, Forward787 is celebrating its four-year anniversary and its new identity as Red Ventures Puerto Rico. The company has employed and trained hundreds of young professionals to date and given talented Puerto Rican professionals competitive career opportunities.

The company has been honored as “Mejor Patrono” and best workplaces in Puerto Rico in its second year of operations.

Red Ventures also launched Platea, a modern media company that helps both locals and visitors discover and “connect deeper with Puerto Rico through uniquely curated content.” 

The website reached more than 500,000 potential consumers with more than 2 million impressions per month across all platforms and has featured more than 1,000 local businesses and restaurants since its launching.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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