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Robinson School opens scholarship applications for 2024 admission

Since its inception in 1902, Robinson School has been dedicated to providing the highest level of education and offering educational opportunities for talented students in Puerto Rico and the diaspora. 

The renowned institution in Condado recently announced the start of the application period for admission through the scholarship program for students starting from 7th to 11th grade. The application period started on Oct.19 and runs through Dec. 1.

The call is exclusively available to new incoming students who have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.8, have passed the school’s entrance examination and exhibit “excellent behavior.” Furthermore, candidates will go through an interview process with the faculty and administration. These requirements will be considered as part of the admission process for the semester starting in August.

“Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to excel academically [and] open doors for their continued success by providing them with tools in an environment that allows for constant growth,” said Robinson School Director Cindy Ogg. 

Over the years, the scholarship program has not only given students the opportunity to receive an outstanding education but also prepared them for their academic life after Robinson. This is the case of Samantha Nuñez, a graduate of the class of 2023, who was the first Puerto Rican to achieve early acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy. Nuñez excelled in various academic areas and participated in extracurricular activities focused on STEM, as well as playing basketball at Robinson.

“Like Samantha, we have had many students who have joined our family and then soared to achieve their goals with the tools they acquired at Robinson,” Ogg said. “It is a source of pride for us as an institution and for our faculty to be part of our students’ path to success.”

The school noted that a student’s familial economic status does not impact the evaluation process for scholarship eligibility. What is required is that each candidate has been admitted by the school once the admission test has been passed.

Students selected to receive scholarships must fulfill several responsibilities: they must pass all courses, maintain excellent behavior and display “a leadership attitude” throughout the semester. 

Scholarships will be renewed annually until the year of graduation, as long as the requirements are met.

The admission process can be initiated at the school’s website. For additional information regarding the Academic Scholarship Program or the admission process, contact Paola González, the director of admissions, via email or by calling 787-999-4600.

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