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Rock Solid buys streaming media solutions provider Swagit

Rock Solid Technologies announced the acquisition of Swagit, a provider of streaming media solutions serving cities, counties, states, and school districts in the United States.

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

This is the second consecutive year that Rock Solid, dedicated to developing Software as a Service (SaaS) that offers technological solutions for citizens and financial assistance (ERP) that helps the public sector and its communities to work, invests in an acquisition in the United States.

In April 2021, it bought PrimeGov, and this year it strengthens its expansion strategy with the acquisition of Swagit.

“The acquisition of Swagit presents Puerto Rico with a great opportunity to grow its workforce, create and develop new technologies with export capacity, in addition to promoting the workforce specialized in technology and R&D on the island,” said Gilberto Fraguada, vice president of sales for Rock Solid Technologies.

Rock Solid “becomes one of the strongest competitors in SaaS products for government, recognized for the seventh year in the list of GovTech 100 2022 providers,” he said.

With this transaction, the portfolio of citizen services clients to more than 800 government agencies are increased and educational institutions in the US mainland and Latin America.

Swagit is now part of the Rock Solid product catalog. This new solution will be integrated into the OnePlatform suite of citizen service products. This suite focuses on citizen services for government. OnePlatform is made up of several applications that integrate with it such as OneView, OneMeeting (previously called PrimeGov), OneRequest and now Swagit.

Offering a highly flexible, feature-rich, and fully integrated meeting management broadcast solution, Swagit also provides a technology-enabled hands-free broadcast solution that does not require the involvement of client staff for camera operation or monitoring content distribution.

The acquisition brings together two companies with decades of experience in government technology.

Swagit’s advanced transparency features, such as automatic indexing, spoken word search technologies, clickable subtitles with transcripts, and remote streaming capabilities, make it especially attractive to public sector organizations that they often have limited technical resources or knowledge. In addition, we will be an expansion in the development team in Puerto Rico, which will bring new employment opportunities to the island.

“Today technology has become an indispensable tool in the operation of both municipal and state governments. Technological advances are driving us to restructure the way we do business so that the government stays up to date and optimizes its processes,” Fraguada said.

“Governments are facing a growing demand for transparency and collaboration,” said Tom Spengler, CEO of Rock Solid.

“We’re excited to provide them with a fully integrated, secure platform to help them provide their constituents with access to information from anywhere in real time and on demand,” said Spengler.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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