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Sacred Heart Univ. partners with The Philanthropy Lab to offer course

Puerto Rico’s Sacred Heart University has announced the establishment of a partnership with The Philanthropy Lab, with the support of the Titín Foundation, to offer a lab course in philanthropy.

The Philanthropy Lab, a program based in Texas, partners with recognized universities with the primary goal of expanding students’ interest and participation in philanthropy and increasing the prevalence and priority of philanthropic education in U.S. colleges and universities.

Sacred Heart is the only university in Puerto Rico and outside the continental United States collaborating with The Philanthropy Lab to offer the course “Social Change: Sagrado’s Philanthropy Lab,” school officials said.

As a component of the course offered by Anitza María Cox, and as established by The Philanthropy Lab, enrolled students will be given the responsibility of directing real money to nonprofit organizations in the context of a full-credit undergraduate course.

Students received and are analyzing and evaluating proposals from nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico to whom they will grant cash donations, just as they would in leadership roles in foundations or other philanthropic initiatives.

To facilitate the process, students will use Titín Foundation’s SinfinesPR platform guaranteeing the compliance of applicant organizations with established criteria. At the end of the course in May, the awarded organizations will be announced.

Titín Foundation Inc., founded in 1999 by Puerto Rican philanthropist Luis Felipe Segarra-Boerman, joined the initiative and made an undisclosed grant award to the university to contribute to the development of the course.              

“Sacred Heart University has been characterized, since its inception, by its various community engagement initiatives and social responsibility values,” said University President Gilberto J. Marxuach-Torrós.

“We believe that The Philanthropy Lab’s program is fully aligned with our mission of educating people in intellectual freedom and moral conscience willing to participate in the construction of a caring community in justice and peace,” he said.

Sacred Heart University is the only school on the island in this program, making its curriculum more comprehensive, he noted, adding that students gain innovative learning experiences, “leaving with a global perspective of how to make a difference in the world.”

“In addition, the course will contribute to the education and development of the future leaders that Puerto Rico needs for its social and economic transformation. Students who take this course will be prepared to occupy various leadership roles that could impact such an important sector for our island,” Marxuach-Torrós added.

Titín Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of communities in Puerto Rico, and as a focus area it contributes to initiatives that strengthen the nonprofit sector such as this one, said Sofía Martínez-Álvarez, executive director.

“Our Foundation aims to work directly to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the island. Through our SINFINESPR platform and other initiatives, we educate, develop, and support nonprofit organizations,” she said.

“We are very aware of the need to educate young people in philanthropy to have a succession of vital leadership that will ensure the growth and support of a sector that provides important services to our citizens. What better than a university of the prestige and values of [Sacred Heart] to offer such an important course,” she added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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