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Sagrada Familia credit union invests $9M in new Naranjito branch, tech upgrade

As part of a comprehensive infrastructure and technology investment plan that exceeded $9 million, the Sagrada Familia credit union inaugurated a new branch in Naranjito, which also houses its first mortgage center in the mountain region.

The recently inaugurated building represents the completion of a modernization period the cooperative began several years ago, which included the remodeling of the headquarters in Corozal and the renovation of the branches of San Juan and Guaynabo, company President Eddie W. Alicea-Sáez said.

“The new branch, the mortgage center and the technology system upgrade are part of the development of the Sagrada Familia credit union, which continues to strengthen itself to serve our partners more efficiently,” said Alicea-Sáez, who leads the credit union’s five-branch operation.

The construction of the new Naranjito building, located in the Cedro Arriba sector of Naranjito, carried an investment of some $3 million. The mortgage center is certified to offer Rural, FHA and Veteran loans, among others.

It will provide residents of the island’s central region access to mortgage processes without having to travel to the metropolitan area, the executive explained.

The financial institution has also upgraded its servers and communications infrastructure to increase the capacity for processing and storing information. The new system will streamline electronic transactions, mortgage processing, and make it easier to open accounts online through the credit union’s website, he said.

The Sagrada Familia credit union has more than $215 million in assets and more than 28,000 members.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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