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Skrewball lowers price of whiskey in Puerto Rico to combat $160K loss

The company began distributing to the island in 2021 through a collaboration with B. Fernández & Hnos.

Skrewball, a company known for its peanut butter whiskey, recently experienced an incident in which 20 pallets of its product were hijacked and stolen on their way to Puerto Rico. This resulted in the loss of more than $160,000 worth of product. In response, the brand has decided to lower the price of its whiskey by almost a third, offering bottles for $8.88, hoping to increase sales on the island.

“In light of the container getting stolen … we also decided to drop our prices. I think we dropped our prices by about almost a third. There clearly is a high demand for the product on the island. I know that there’s a lot of economic struggles in Puerto Rico, and, you know, we really believe in giving back,” said Steven Yeng, co-founder of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.

During COVID-19, Skrewball had only about $31,100 to its name, and the business idea wasn’t convincing many partners. However, the whiskey gained sudden interest within a year and became very popular in the mainland United States.

“So screwball, while being the laughingstock of the industry, was the fastest to a million cases for any brand more than $20 and considered the fastest to two million cases ever in history in the United States for any brand more than $20. We had people requesting and sneaking in Skrewball over to Puerto Rico from like New York, Texas and Miami. We quickly realized we had a market on the island and moved towards doing business there,” added Yeng

Through a collaboration with local food and beverage distributor B. Fernández & Hnos., Skrewball began distributing to Puerto Rico on Aug. 21, 2021. Although the estimated sale was around 250 cases a year, the company managed to exceed that with more than 26,000 cases that year.

However, since then, Skrewball has been struggling with stock issues and hasn’t been able to find a supplier that fits its needs. As a result, other whiskey brands have taken over the market by creating their own peanut butter flavored alcohol.

“We had a lot of out-of-stock issues, and then transitioning from one supplier to another supplier, and it has taken quite a long time. Currently there are other knockoffs that came in and it’s confusing the industry right now. Our company is resilient, and we are confident we’re going to have a lot of success in the future, especially in Puerto Rico. The island has always embraced us and responded greatly to our brand,” said Yeng.

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Author Details
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