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SME Marketing Summit to feature ‘citizens and brands with purpose’

The Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME, in Spanish) will host its SME Marketing Summit on Oct. 21, when under the slogan “Stop Marketing, Start Mattering,” it will present a new study entitled “Citizens and Brands with Purpose,” commissioned to Estudios Técnicos Inc.

Anitza M. Cox, director of the firm’s analysis and social policy division, will highlight the most significant findings of the study, focused on measuring the perception of the Puerto Rican consumer regarding the island’s economic, social, and environmental situations, looking into how they affect their behavior and relationship with brands.

“It’s time to reconnect with our colleagues and expand business opportunities in a safe environment,” said José “Pepe” Pando, director of the organizing committee of the in-person event that will take place at the Coca Cola Music Hall in Miramar.

“We’ve put together a very robust educational program with fresh local consumer data and topics revolving around purposeful marketing, best practices, trends and proven methodologies to help brands grow in this new post-pandemic business world,” he said.

“In addition, we’ll maximize the use of technology to integrate high-caliber international speakers via livestream,” he said.

The event also includes an exhibitor area, and the winners of the 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards will be announced.

The educational program continues with the “Brands with Purpose” panel to discuss data from the 2021 Brand Asset Valuator study, followed by international speaker Ken Muench, CMO of Yum! Brands and co-founder of The Collider Lab. In his livestream titled “Relevance, Ease, Distinctiveness: The 3 Ingredients of Leading Brand,” Muench will offer proven methodologies to help brands achieve momentous campaigns.

The morning closes with a first round of Marketing Excellence Awards winners. The afternoon schedule features several additional presentations.

For more information, visit smepr.org or eventbrite.com.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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