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Sprung Instant Structures Inc. to establish $1M operation in Ponce

Sprung Instant Structures Inc. — a company specialized in the design and manufacture of prefabricated structures resistant to natural disasters — announced its arrival on the island, where it will invest about $1 million to establish operations in Ponce over the next two years.

They are currently participating in several projects with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program funds for Puerto Rico’s ongoing reconstruction. Additionally, there are some other projects in the works that are being developed, for which the company is participating in public bids, Sprung’s Puerto Rico Spokesman Carlos Quiroz.

Sprung has built more than 13,000 structures resistant to natural disasters in more than 100 countries. They manufacture high-performance modular structures consisting of a fiberglass wall and textile membrane covered with a reinforced aluminum plate, capable of facing all types of natural hazards, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, it added.

For more than 134 years, Sprung has provided immediate building solutions capable of facing natural catastrophes for projects required with immediacy, great guarantee, and high performance, such as schools, hospitals, churches, prisons, warehouses, sports arenas, buildings, private and municipal, airports and hotels, among others; either in areas devastated by natural accidents or in urgent need of immediate new and renovated structures, sustainable and safe.

Some of its construction projects include Harvard Business School’s Massachusetts Interim Dining; Tesla and its automotive manufacturing facilities in Fremont, Calif.; Space X’s facilities in Texas; and Blue Origin’s corporate offices in Seattle. In addition, Sprung has developed gyms in the public schools of the US Virgin Islands.

“At Sprung Instant Structures we’re ready to provide our specialized services in Puerto Rico and contribute to the challenges and threats faced by the island due to the pandemic, ongoing seismic activity and natural phenomena such as hurricanes,” said Sprung’s Business Development Manager Pablo Noriega.

“With innovation, versatility, experience, and reliability at Sprung we build quickly, with flexibility in design, performance, durability, and overall lower operating costs than in conventional construction,” he said.

Sprung has 2 million square feet of inventory. Its structures can be dismantled, reconfigured, or relocated in all sectors of the world market, as well as “provide bright, spacious environments, great thermal insulation, high performance, and low energy consumption.”

The company uses military grade extruded aluminum substructures that provide superior performance, durability, and longevity with a 50-year warranty on the substructure and 25 years on the walls. The one-piece extruded aluminum beam with membrane retainer is designed to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Noriega explained that among the advantages of aluminum over steel is its resistance to rust. In addition, because it is lightweight, as it is ideal for shipments to remote locations and easier to assemble.

Sprung has offices in the US mainland, Canada, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Chile, and Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
Yamilet Aponte-Claudio was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Providencia and is currently a junior at Sacred Heart University. Majoring in Journalism and adding a minor in sustainable development and foreign languages, she aspires to study law after obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

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