Study: 90% of P.R. residents use tech to interact with restaurants

A recent study commissioned by the Puerto Rico Restaurants Association revealed that more than 90 percent of Puerto Rico residents have access to smart and connected devices either to make their reservation, order or pick-up food, or to pay.

Consequently, the industry “must invest in more technological resources to strengthen its quality of service, beyond posting a menu, photos, and contact information,” said José Salvatella, chairman of the board of directors of the trade organization known as ASORE for its initials in Spanish.

“The study tells us that more consumers are using certain applications to pay for their food and that they also order food to go, even when this entails an additional cost,” said Salvatella.

The study commissioned to The Research Office “evaluated where the industry is currently, identifies the challenges, realities and trends of the clients so that we, as an industry, can map where we’re going and what is important for clients.”

The research is extensive, so this year ASORE will reveal other findings, such as the data that has to do with the use of technology in the industry.

According to the study’s findings, the most common uses of the smartphone includes checking directions to restaurants, checking opening hours, viewing locations and exploring specials. Other uses are less common but are shown more strongly among younger users and those who use this device more frequently.

Nine out of 10 people interviewed believe, in time, technology will replace many of the functions currently performed by employees in restaurants. To carry out the study, The Research Office interviewed 1,000 adults (men and women) ages 18 to 64, between August and September of last year.

On Feb. 19, the trade group will expand upon the findings during an event that is open to the public.

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