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Sun West Mortgage creates 25 temporary jobs during quarantine

Sun West Mortgage has created 25 temporary jobs during the quarantine to provide career growth opportunities to those interested in pursuing a career within the mortgage industry and to support the production of their mortgage loans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland, it announced.

Additionally, the company is calling those interested in banking to apply one of the 50 jobs that will open soon.

The bank “offers a unique opportunity through which people can learn and perfect — through the hands of experts — the basics of banking processes,” said Luis Raúl Padilla, vice president of retail at Sun West Mortgage.

“We recently invited people interested in mortgage banking to apply for a grant with Sun West Mortgage, through which the bank would provide the necessary courses to pass the mortgage originator exam. Once they passed the exam, we would recruit them as full-time employees,” he said.

“However, the quarantine happened before many of them could take that exam. We believe in their talent, which is why we decided to offer them a job while they comply with the entire process, so that they learn from our experts,” said Padilla, confirming the bank is “very interested and invested in supporting the people and the island’s economy at this difficult time.”

Sun West Mortgage will provide training in the loan set up area to all of its hires. This team will perform — in any of the 48 states that it does business in and in Puerto Rico — quality control, validate information submitted before moving it to processing and underwriting. 

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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