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Sustainable tourism holds ‘significant promise’ for Puerto Rico, study shows

Discover Puerto Rico partnered with SKIFT to identify best practices.

Sustainable tourism holds “significant promise for Puerto Rico, offering a pathway to economic growth while preserving the island’s natural and cultural heritage,” according to a study released by Discover Puerto Rico, the island’s destination marketing organization (DMO), and SKIFT, a travel industry information source.

The “Island-Wide Sustainability Audit” identified five key trends in sustainable tourism initiatives across Puerto Rico:

  • Local-led experiences: Community-led initiatives are crucial for sustainable tourism in Puerto Rico as they empower locals to actively participate in and benefit from tourism development.
  • Resilient rebuilding: Much of the tourism industry of Puerto Rico and surrounding areas continues to rebound post Hurricane Maria. By prioritizing sustainable rebuilding practices, the island can bounce back stronger while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Heritage-innovation fusion: By combining heritage conservation with innovative strategies, the island can attract visitors while safeguarding its cultural and natural assets for future generations.
  • Engage, educate, explore: Through hands-on activities, tourists gain a deeper appreciation of Puerto Rico’s heritage and environment, leading to greater respect and care for these resources.
  • Conscious comfort: By offering eco-friendly accommodations, responsible dining options, and curated experiences that prioritize environmental and social responsibility, luxury establishments can cater to discerning travelers while minimizing their ecological footprint and contributing positively to the local economy and environment.

Discover Puerto Rico said the partnership “marks a significant step forward in the DMO’s commitment to marketing sustainable tourism practices while promoting the island’s natural beauty and cultural richness.”

The audit aims to promote sustainable development, empower local communities and highlight travel experiences for visitors. In what Discover Puerto Rico described as “a novel move for destination marketing organizations,” it partnered with SKIFT to conduct the study, underscoring their commitment to innovation.

“Tourism cannot be — nor can it afford to be viewed as — an irresponsible consumer of natural resources. Organizations like Discover Puerto Rico play a crucial role,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico.

“We bear a responsibility to create the conditions that enable businesses to authentically reflect the values of travelers,” he added, noting the audit “reflects our dedication to amplifying the unique stories of our people and empowering Puerto Rico as a leader in sustainable tourism.”

The goal is to ensure that Puerto Rico solidifies its status as a sought-after destination for conscientious travelers seeking authentic, impactful experiences, he explained.

“Through data-first initiatives like this, we’re catalyzing change and showcasing Puerto Rico’s opportunity to shape responsible travel,” said Leah Chandler, chief marketing officer of Discover Puerto Rico. “As stewards of Puerto Rico’s natural and cultural heritage, we must lead by example.”

SKIFT unveiled the study findings on Tuesday during a global summit in Puerto Rico. Discover Puerto Rico said it anticipates continued collaboration with SKIFT and a collective effort with local partners “to champion sustainable practices that preserve Puerto Rico’s pristine landscapes and grow its status as a responsible tourism pioneer.”

The study highlights sustainable tourism’s goal to “minimize environmental impact by conserving resources and protecting ecosystems, support local communities by preserving cultural integrity and promoting fair practices, and generate economic benefits by ensuring equitable distribution of income and supporting local businesses.”

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