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Tasty Smart expands into FL market with Sam’s Club

Reaffirming its commitment to local entrepreneurs, Sam’s Club Puerto Rico announced that the variety of vegan and gluten-free cookies manufactured on the island, Tasty Smart, is currently available in 28 of its stores in South Florida and with the possibility of expanding to 48 establishments in that area in the coming months.

“We continue focused on supporting small and medium-sized local businesses to continue contributing to the economic development of the Island, which results in direct benefits for the Puerto Rican community,” said Viviana Mercado, senior manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart.

“Promoting the sale of products harvested, manufactured or packaged locally in our clubs in and outside of Puerto Rico is a win-win strategy, because while members purchase quality merchandise at affordable prices, local suppliers sell their inventories and can expand their businesses and create direct and indirect jobs,” she said.

Currently, 40% of Tasty Smart’s annual production goes to Walmart stores, Amigo Supermarkets and Sam’s Club, including clubs in South Florida.

“Walmart and Sam’s Club are very valuable customers who have helped us maximize the use of our machinery, a very important aspect for small and medium-sized companies seeking to evolve and grow,” said Tasty Smart Founder Jonelie Vélez-Román.

“As a startup, this type of negotiation will give the company double digit growth of more than 50%. Thanks to this growth, we will now have a second shift, which prepares us to continue with the expansion and acquisition of more efficient production equipment,” Vélez-Román said, confirming the company now has 10 employees, a figure that will grow.

Established in 2019 in Vega Baja, Tasty Smart is dedicated to manufacturing gluten-free and vegan almond, guava, and chocolate chip cookies. Recently, the company launched new oatmeal cookies, which will be for sale only at Sam’s Club Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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