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The Foundation Global Group bets on alliances to promote businesses during COVID-19

Two local executives from multinational companies — Carlos Rivera-Vélez and Carlos Miró — they recently launched The Foundation Global Group (TFGG), an integrated business consulting firm to provide solutions that promote business development and success throughout the U.S. mainland during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on thousands of companies in Puerto Rico and around the world. Each has faced similar but different challenges, be it slashing profits, downsizing, or having to make the tough decision to shut down.

Among the companies that continue to operate, many are struggling to survive and stabilize. Meanwhile, a few have growth plans, but lack the necessary resources — financial, human, experience — or are afraid to implement those plans.

That said, Rivera-Vélez and Miró are betting on their alliances, their experience and their network of contacts to help companies in the U.S. continent and in the Caribbean region to overcome those obstacles, they said.

“The Foundation Global Group [is a] consulting and business solutions firm that offers a comprehensive service to meet the needs of our clients,” said TFGG’s CEO Rivera-Vélez, former Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association president.

“We’ve created a robust support network made up of experts in multiple disciplines, who will add value to our clients in the form of cost reduction, innovation, business vision, and growth opportunities,” he said.

While based in Puerto Rico, TFGG’s business network extends to México, Costa Rica, Colombia, República Dominicana and the U.S. mainland, said Miró, CFO of TFGG.

“Together with our strong value matrix, which combines knowledge and cross collaboration, our network places clients in a unique and advantageous position to help them grow beyond the limits of our island, which is extremely important in the global scope of current business,” said Miró.

Both founding partners are engineers and are Black Belt certified. Each has more than 30 years of business and manufacturing experience. Their combined experience has contributed to the success and growth of companies in industries such as: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, aeronautics, electronics, and other manufacturing operations, as well as commerce, banking, hospitals, insurance, agriculture, tourism, communications, distribution, retail sales, and customer service and support centers.

One of the services in TFGG’s portfolio is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a technology that automates business processes that are highly repetitive and transactional in nature.

“In other words, we use robot and artificial intelligence programs to replicate a wide variety of human actions. This makes the operation simpler, more productive and more profitable,” said Miró.

Some of RPA’s implementations include a variety of tasks in accounting, customer service, error elimination, claim handling, telemedicine, purchase order management, inventory and dispatch, service management and control, and customer service lines such as Facebook and WhatsApp chat bots.

In addition to RPA, the integrated business consulting firm has five other areas of expertise: human capital; product and business development; management and performance; international trade and government affairs; and, energy and disruptive engineering solutions.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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